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Strategy building. Leadership consulting.

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A successful strategy doesn’t just state the destination; it charts the journey. A leader doesn’t purely follow the path, but actively aligns decisions and investments. 




Charting an organization’s growth and/or transformation requires a strong foundation in its vision, mission, and values.  Once established, goals, objectives, and the supporting initiatives for their achievement - along with the measures and metrics of success - need defined and communicated among stakeholders. NBG Strategy Consulting facilitates strategic planning from the foundational mission articulation through design of repeatable processes for short- through longer-term organizational growth.

Strategic Planning

  • Executive visioning workshops

  • Plan development

  • Stakeholder facilitation and data collection

  • Communications planning

  • Template development


Market Analysis

New business growth through expanded breadth or scale requires unvarnished perspectives and recommendations on white space through competitive threats. NBG Strategy Consulting provides data-backed insights on technology, industry, and customer trends across public sector missions. Through partnerships with purpose-fit consulting companies, NBG Strategy Consulting offers clients customized, actionable analyses and implementation plans to accelerate growth in dynamic environments.

  • Competitive landscape review

  • M&A trend assessment

  • Due diligence support

  • Integration best practices

  • Pipeline review and recommendations

  • Proposal review

The next business generation of leaders have increasingly complex and nuanced requirements for their success. Not only must leaders demonstrate business acumen, people leadership, and capability excellence, but also empathy, inclusion, and community relevance.  Developing this next business generation starts by moving from DE&I ‘box checking’ into inclusive learning and development.  NBG Strategy Consulting provides employee resource groups, leadership cohorts, and mentorship programs with an array of content and facilitation support.

Leadership Alignment and Development

  • Inclusion and diversity program planning 

  • Leadership “Book Clubs” and discussion forums

  • Women’s leadership and mentorship programming

  • Business acumen workshops


Nyla Beth Gawel is a strategy executive with more than 15+ years experience leading transformative growth across $7B+ Fortune 500 companies in tech and management services. She is inspired by customer missions, motivated by corporate commitment to innovate, and driven to produce enduring results. Nyla Beth has a demonstrated track record of delivering organizational and financial ROI, and is relied on by C- suites to identify and execute expansion and improvement opportunities, technology and market innovations, moonshot campaigns, tactical solutions, and internal controls to achieve business objectives. She is a sought after speaker on strategy, technology innovation, leadership, and corporate culture and is highly regarded for authentic and collaborative leadership style, cultivating followership across organizational lines to build and lead strong teams that deliver superior results. Nyla Beth serves on multiple philanthropic boards, is an avid traveler, Georgetown University Alumni Ambassador, and the proud mom to two elementary aged kids and two rescue dogs. She and her husband reside in Bethesda, MD.


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“Nyla Beth was able to build an aligned vision and strategy from a diverse group of executive stakeholders with strong views about what ‘winning’ looks like. Her masterful facilitation created aligned momentum that was unstoppbable.  Cannot recommend her enough.”  

Greg Larkin

CEO of Punks & Pinstripes, Author, and Wall Street Investor

“One of the BEST corporate strategists I have ever worked with! Nyla Beth balances a keen eye to what’s possible, while ensuring the vision is simultaneously practical and achievable… There are few leaders that can be both inspiring and practical in the same breadth - Nyla Beth is that executive - ready to move mountains to drive business growth with grace, agility, and genuine passion.”
Amy Rothman
VP of Enterprise Transformation, CapGemini Invent


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