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Your Essential Guide to the Women in Tech Summit in Paris: Insights from the USA Chapter

The Women in Tech Global Summit 2024 in Paris, honored by President Emmanuel Macron's patronage, promises to be a milestone event for women in innovation. Set for May 6-7, this gathering will unite leaders from across sectors to discuss and shape the future of women in technology.

Key Preparations for the Women in Tech Paris Summit


It’s a Movement, Not a Conference:

Most conferences leave you ragged, talked-out, and questioning what was exchanged or sold. That is a conference. This is not that. The Global Women in Tech Summit leaves you inspired and feeling part of something bigger. You become part of and a contributor to a movement, one aligned to global initiatives that you’ll hear mentioned often. Prepare by familiarizing yourself with the UN Sustainability Goals, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the WEF Edison Alliance.

Content Planning:

Organize a content calendar to track interviews and special events you want to cover during the summit. Time flies at such events, so it’s crucial to have your plans well-documented. Have your LinkedIn QR code ready for ease of connecting, and be sure to be fluent in WhatsApp for international messaging.

Preview Attendees:

Review the agenda to prioritize workshops, speaker sessions, and networking events. Identify attendees and speakers with whom to connect that align to your professional goals and interests.

Get wit-h It:

Become a member of the Women in Tech Hub (WIT-H) and download the WIT-H app. This is a great way to engage before, during, and after the summit and participate in learning, mentoring, and much more.


Transportation Arrangements:

Ensure a smooth start by booking a car service (even rideshare) from the airport to your hotel. Pre-booking can save you from the pitfalls of taxi scams and surge pricing. Your hotel may offer car reservation services, making your arrival hassle-free. 

Hotel Accommodations:

Request early check-in to relax after your flight, especially if you arrive before the standard 3pm check-in time. Advance planning can make your stay more comfortable and convenient. Plan for the likelihood that you’ll need to be out and about, so ensure you have comfy and chic walking shoes ready to go. Upside: Parisian cafes don’t care how long you sit, people watch, and sip on your cafe au lait.

Dining and Sightseeing Reservations:

Reserve spots at popular restaurants and attractions early, especially those with must-see views like the Eiffel Tower. For instance, secure a table at Girafe Restaurant for a meal with an iconic backdrop. Highly recommend Verde for fun and insta-worthy dining/drink. 


For the Welcome Reception:

Choose an outfit that makes a strong first impression, suitable for a photographic evening aboard a Seine river cruise. The reception offers networking opportunities with global tech professionals, set against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. Enjoy the hors d'oeuvres, music, and drinks, but remember to pace yourself for the busy days ahead. Walking down cobblestones to get to the boat requires balance (read: stilettos don’t work for the majority of us!).

For the Summit Days:

Dress in comfortable yet professional attire for the day's sessions, panels, and networking events. Bring note-taking materials and your registration barcode for efficient access to the sessions. 

For the Exclusive ‘Gatsby’ Gala Dinner:

The gala's Gatsby theme this year promises an evening of elegance and celebration. Choose a formal outfit that reflects the event's glamor, and be open to networking and forming new connections. You’ll be holding your mobile closely as you still connect over LinkedIn, take notes, and snap some photos. Think about how to best carry that around with your Gatsby accessories.

Additional Tips for Content Creators:

Don’t forget your camera, tripod, and other equipment to capture the summit's highlights. Carry plenty of business cards or digital tools for easy contact sharing. Focus on creating content that captures the essence of your experience and the insights gained.

This guide is designed to ensure you are fully prepared for a productive and memorable experience at the Women in Tech Global Summit in Paris. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of innovation, networking, and empowerment.

Most importantly, if you haven’t grabbed your ticket here’s your link to register: 

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